Zombie-Powered Vertical Farm Uses The Walking Dead for Energy

zombie ranch 1

Now here’s a truly alternative source of energy: the mindless movements of the walking dead, purposefully lured into a kinetic energy generator for use as fuel. Inhabitat uncovered this entry into the 2012 Zombie Safe House competition, entitled ‘Zombie Ranch,’ a vertical farm with a massive gear at the bottom that would be turned by hungry zombies.


Zombie Ranch 2

Rabbits suspended in cages are used as bait to draw in hordes of the zombies, who would theoretically shuffle forward toward the wheel to turn it, powering the generator and providing water pressure. The living spaces and food-growing areas are safely out of reach, perched on platforms.

Zombie Ranch 3

Retractible bridges let the occupants reach the ground when it’s safe, while the upper levels offer observation points. The mid-levels feature a vertical farming unit full of edible crops. Would it really work? It’s hard to say, but maybe it’s an idea to keep in mind just in case.