Bamboobee: Build Your Own Sustainable Bicycle

bamboo bicycle kit 4

Yet another testament to the sustainability and versatility of bamboo comes in the form of a DIY bike kit that provides all of the basic components you need for the frame. Arriving in a compact cardboard box, the Bamboobee Bicycle Kit comes with the bamboo poles, hemp fiber to secure them together, a recyclable frame jig, brackets and a couple tools.

bamboo bicycle kit 2

The idea is that anyone can build this sustainable bicycle, even if you have no experience at all. The jig makes it easy to ensure that everything is in proper proportion and well-secured. Depending on your skill level, you can then add the rest of the parts (seat, wheels, handlebars, etc) yourself or take your self-built frame to a local bike shop. bamboo bicycle kit 1

Creator Sunny Chuah is currently raising funds for the Bamboobee project on Prefundia after creating a line of handcrafted pre-assembled bamboo bicycles. Chuah wants to “start another biking revolution” with these environmentally friendly and affordable kits.

bamboo bicycle kit 3

“In 2009, I put together my first self-crafted bamboo bicycle, and it carried me through the toughest terrains in the world for 3,792 miles, from the highest snow covered mountain passes of Central asia to the scorching deserts of China. It was this fantastic and life-changing experience that inspired me to establish Bambobee and create these wonderful bikes for everyone who desired one.”