Baycycle: Awesome Aquatic Bike Traverses Bodies of Water

Baycycle 1

Any Bay Area resident facing a long commute from Oakland to San Francisco, for example, might wish for one of these: an aquatic bike that lets you take in the scenery of the water while getting some exercise. The X1 by Schiller features two inflatable pontoons that keep it afloat on the water and give the bike some stability.

Baycycle 3

A rudderless handlebar steering system controls the twin oscillating propellers, allowing the rider to turn left or right. The human-powered watercraft has a powder-coated aluminum frame and is capable of going up to 10 miles per hour.

Baycycle 4

At that speed, it’s not exactly going to streamline your work commute, but it’s a fun idea, and could certainly provide a fun outdoor excursion for seafaring cyclists. It weighs just 45 pounds and packs down small enough to fit into the trunk of a car. 

Baycycle 2

But this unusual bicycle certainly doesn’t come cheap: the basic model will set you back $6,495, while the ‘Founder’s Edition’ comes with an engraving, a wet-dipped mirror chrome painted frame and a technology guarantee for $8,775.