Bike Campers! 8 Ultra-Mobile Pedal-Powered Shelters

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You don’t need a gas-guzzling truck to haul around a camper, tent or emergency shelter – you can use the power of your leg muscles with these 8 clever creations made to be pulled by bicycles. These ultra-mobile bike campers range from ultra-lightweight and simple designs made of fabric to floating creations comprised of recycled water tanks.

Taku Tanku, the Towable Floating Tiny House

Bike Shelter Taku Tanku 1 Bike Shelter Taku Tanku 2

Lightweight enough to tow by bicycle yet sizable enough to sleep 2-3 people, the Taku Tanku could potentially be used as a disaster shelter, according to designers Stereotank architecture at Takahiro Fukuda. Made from two large recycled water tanks, the shelter is designed to be quick and simple to build. It could be carried by a person, bicycle or car, or towed behind a boat. While it doesn’t have a kitchen or bathroom, it does function as a safe and comfortable place to sleep and comes with a skylight, solar-powered lights and fans.


Micro Gypsy Wagon

Bike Shelter Micro Gypsy Wagon 1 Bike Shelters Micro Gypsy Wagon 2

This amazing micro gypsy wagon pops up from a coffin-shaped bike trailer to an adorable little abode inspired by traditional Romani dwellings. Measuring about 12 square feet, just large enough to hold a one-person bed and some art supplies, the wagon has storage built under the sleeping pad and can be converted to a sitting space with a small table for dining or computer work. Creator Barry Howard, who has converted school buses, vans and other vehicles into tiny houses in the past, creates custom versions of this cool bike trailer; learn more on Facebook.


Bike Tire Pop-Up Tent

Bike Shelters Tire Tent 1 Bike Shelters Tire Tent 2

Forget hauling your tent with you when camping by bicycle; this cool idea builds a pop-up tent right into the front wheel to free up space. A specially-reinforced tire is designed specifically to hold the tent in place as you ride.


Camper Bike

Bike Shelter Camper

The fact that it’s so closely modeled after a conventional mobile home pulled by a car makes this camper bike creation even more striking. Designed by artist Kevin Cyr, who’s known for a variety of offbeat portable housing, the camper seems to have simply been miniaturized so it can be pulled by a bike. 


Midget Bushtrekka Bicycle Camper Trailer

Bike Shelters Midget Bushtrekka

The only design on this list that’s widely available – including at – the Midget BUSHTREKKA by Kamp-Rite is al lightweight bike trailer with a pivoting wheel set for uneven terrain and a shelter for one. Unsurprisingly, it’s also occasionally used as a homeless shelter, sparking ideas for mobile housing that functions like the shell of a snail.


QTvan Bike Caravan

Bike Shelter QTvan 1 Bike Shelter QTvan 2 Bike Shelter QTvan 3

“Top speed: how fast can you pedal?” The QTvan by ETA was commissioned during Green Transport Week in the UK to illustrate the efficiency of the bicycle, proving just how far your own two legs can get you. It’s a fully-equipped, single-berth caravan with a bed, 29″ television, tea-making facilities and even a drinks cabinet. Its efficiency can be boosted even further with the use of an electric bike.


Supertramp Fabric Bike-Pulled Shelter

Bike Shelters Supertramp

This trailer might be spare and extremely lightweight thanks to its canvas construction, but it’s substantial enough to haul around a wood stove. Designer Lehman B made ‘Supertramp‘ to bike around London in 2010, raising awareness about tiny mobile living spaces.


Golden Gate Electric Bike Camper

Bike Shelter Electric Camper

Renowned for his curious geometric mobile housing creations, Jay Nelson created The Golden Gate as a sort of enclosed electric bike camper. It’s made of fiberglass, epoxy resin, plywood, glass, bike parts and an electric motor, and can go 10 miles on a charge up to 20 mph. Inside you’ll find a kitchen, storage, a toilet and a bed.