Sleep (in) the Moon: Round Tent Hangs from Tree Branches

Hanging Moon Tent 3

A moon-like spherical white tent glows from within when occupied at night, dangling from the branches of a tree. When ordinary tent camping just isn’t enough, the Roomoon offers a glamorous alternative, swaying gently with the breeze and – bonus for many people – elevated above all the creepy-crawly things on the ground.

Hanging Moon Tent 1 Hanging Moon Tent 2

Just like any other tent, this one features a collapsible frame that’s easy to pack down when you’re ready to go, but it also features a lightweight roll-up pine floor for extra comfort and utility inside. Each Roomoon is handcrafted and can be customized according to your individual needs.

Hanging Moon Tent 4 Hanging Moon Tent 5

Upgrade the standard setup with extra cushions, rugs, bean bags or integrated LED lights. The canvas can be opened up to let in the breeze and views, or closed for less-than-perfect weather. The hoist is based on 18th century engineering, able to lift over a ton with ease.

Hanging Moon Tent 6

“Being in the roomoon is like being in a balloon soaring through the tree canopies,” says a testimonial on the Hanging Tent Company website. “You really feel like part of something much bigger and more important.”