Soul Box: Tiny Cabin with a Hatch Roof Opens to the Sky

Hatch Roof Cabin 1

Unfolding like a gift from a box-like form, this cute little white cabin has a tiny footprint but big personality. The Soul Box by German architecture firm Allergutendinge has a highly unusual geometric shape that reveals itself as an incredibly cool way to save space. The roof opens like a hatch, making the small second floor feel a bit like a treehouse.

Hatch Roof Cabin 2

Hatch Roof Cabin 3

The interior is a wonder of wooden built-ins, with lots of storage hidden beneath a lofted bed and tucked away in the wall. Alternating niches in the wall act as steps to get to the second level, which cantilevers out over the small terrace created when the bottom door is open. 

Hatch Roof Cabin 4

Say the designers, “At the intersection of architecture, art and cultural history, a so-called Soul Box is built.” It’s a place for both viewing the surrounding environment and retreating into oneself, a place to sleep, read a book or reflect on nature. 

Hatch Roof Cabin 5

Hatch Roof Cabin 6

Modular construction makes it easy to transport the structure, and allows for repeated assembly and disassembly. The whole thing can be opened up to the outdoors, yet closes up tightly when desired.