Beautiful Modern Cabin is Made of Leftover Building Materials

Lundberg Cabin 1

With its clean lines and wall of windows facing views of the Sonoma Coast in California, the Breuer Cabin has a modern yet rustic feel. But the coolest thing about this compact residence isn’t its looks or location – it’s the fact that the structure is made almost entirely from leftover building materials.

Lundberg Cabin 2

Lundberg Cabin 3

San Francisco-based Lundberg Design reused materials left over from their other projects to create the cabin, which is clad in reclaimed redwood. The windows are all steel sash from at least five different remodel projects, and the interior is made of thin strips of Montana white pine.

Lundberg Cabin 4

Lundberg Cabin 7

Floors made of multicolored slate hide “everything that the dogs tend to drag in,” and the master bed cantilevers out over the loft edge for a stunning if a little vertigo-inducing sleeping experience.

Lundberg Cabin 6

The centerpiece of the house is a swimming pool measuring 25 feet in diameter and 14 feet deep that used to be a water tank for livestock. Say the architects, “it provides a wonderful black hole of water, particularly in a full moon.”

Photos by JD Peterson, Mark Seelan and Olle Lundberg via Lundberg Design