Saving Water by Force: 13 Funny & Effective Design Ideas


Eco Drop Shower

Water Saving Eco Drop Shower

Do we really need to make ourselves uncomfortable in order to save water? Maybe so. Another design that basically forces you out of the shower is the Eco Drop, a shower floor with concentric circles that rise up to create a surface that can hurt your feet after a certain period of time.


Natura Customizable Flush System

Water Saving Customizable Flush

Different bodily waste requires different amounts of water to flush. The Natura toilet incorporates a urinal right into the design and also lets you choose between lower-water and higher-water flushes according to how much waste needs to be taken away.


Eco Bath Incorporates Reused Water

Water Saving Eco Bath

Used sink water is another way to keep from flushing so much perfectly good drinking water down the drain every day. The Eco Bath concept uses 50% reclaimed sink water and 50% fresh water for flushing.


Faucet Buddy

Water Saving Faucet Buddy

The Faucet Buddy is a handy little gadget that you can simply add onto existing sink fixtures to tell you the temperature of the water, so you don’t have to leave it running and check it constantly before using it.


Eco-Bathroom Water Saving Toilet Concept

Water Saving Toilet Concept

This toilet and sink combo is an all-in-one system reusing the water from washing your hands or face in the toilet bowl for flushing. The compact design is nice, too, saving valuable space.


Water Pebble

Water Saving Pebble

Here’s a design that you can actually purchase to monitor your water usage right now. The Water Pebble (selling on Amazon for $12) is a small round gadget that you place beside the drain in your tub, shower or sink to measure how much water you’re using. A light glows green when you start, turns yellow when your time is halfway up and then warns you to shut off the water with a red light.