New Species of Bizarre and Terrifying Fish Discovered

Bizarre Fish Species 1

A catfish with four rows of nightmarish teeth is among the three new fish species discovered in India, Colombia and the United States over the last month. Kryptoglanis shajii may only be 10 centimeters (3.9 inches) long, but it's still doubtful that you'd want to happen upon it while enjoying a relaxing swim. Luckily, it's only found in underground waterways, except when floods push it out into rice paddies. 

K. shajii looks like any other catfish externally, but it's got a skeleton so weird that the scientists who found it described it as "unusually puzzling." Most catfish aren't exactly known for their razor-sharp teeth, either, and this one has a very alien appearance when seen under x-rays. 

Bizarre Fish Species 2

An armored stick catfish was found in Yariguíes National Park north of Bogotá in Colombia, characterized by its paddle-like snouts, which may be used for courtship. The third newly discovered species is the Hoosier cavefish (below), a tiny pink eyeless creature found underground in southern Indiana. The weirdest thing about this particular fish is that its anus is located behind its head. 

Bizarre Fish Species 3

This news comes alongside a new report by the World Wildlife Fund listing 367 new species found over a two-year period in the Greater Mekong region, including a giant flying squirrel, eyeless cave-dwelling spiders and a 'skydiving gecko.'