Garden Gadgets: 13 Smart Growing Sensors & Systems

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Modern technology will turn your black thumb green with a host of sensors that monitor crucial plant needs like moisture, temperature and nutrients and deliver the information right to your smart phone or computer. Whether you don't have a lot of time to tend a garden or just like to keep on top of the latest tech, these gadgets ensure the healthiest possible plants with the least amount of effort.

Solar Powered Garden System

Garden Gadgets Edyn

The Edyn smart garden system allows users to interact with their gardens through solar-powered sensors that track sunlight, moisture, nutrition levels and other factors that can affect your plants. The info is sent to your phone in real time, letting you know exactly how you should tweak the way you care for vegetable, fruit, herbal, decorative and medicinal plants. The included software contains a database full of thousands of plant varieties and soil conditions, so it takes these factors in account when determining what your plants need.


Horto Domi Self-Managing Smart Garden

Garden Gadgets Horto Domi

Many people would love to tend a garden, but just don't have the time. The 'Horto Domi' self-managing hardware system makes it easy to care for a garden by automatically managing climate and soil conditions. The prototype unit contains a covered raised bed, an electrical box with power supply and moisture and temperature sensors, a vermiculture unit to create nutrient-rich soil, fertilization injection and irrigation systems. The whole thing is contained within a dome with separate planting areas for different varieties of plants.


Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

Gadren Gadgets Koubachi

The wi-fi plant sensor by Koubachi measures soil moisture, temperature and light intensity determine the needs of your plants and send you notifications with precise care advice. One sensor can be used for multiple plants, and it's available in indoor and outdoor models.


VegiBee Garden Pollinators

Garden Gadgets VegiBee

Give your local bees a little help with a handheld pollinating wand. The VegiBee is a waterproof sonic tool that makes it easy to pollinate tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, eggplants, strawberries and other crops that have both reproductive parts in the same flower. It can reportedly increase a garden's production by 30 percent or more.


Garden Defense Electronic Owl

Garden Gadgets Owl

There's no need to resort to chemical pest control in your garden. Electronic owls take the age-old scarecrow concept and make it even more effective with battery-powered movements, turning their heads and hooting when their sensors detect garden pests nearby.


Digital Rain Gauge and Thermometer

Garden Gadgets Digital Rain Gauge

Digital rain gauges make it easy to keep track of rainfall levels in the garden without requiring much of any action on your part. This one by Oregon Scientific transmits to a receiver in your house from up to 300 feet away, displaying total rainfall and daily rainfall as well as temperature and time. It self-empties, so you don't have to worry about standing water, either.



Garden Gadgets Botanicalls

Plants making phone calls? It sounds absurd, but what gardener hasn't wished that their plants could communicate exactly what they need at any given time? Botanicalls makes that possible with sensors that go into the dirt to measure moisture. When the plant needs water, it'll politely text you a request, followed by a 'thank you.'


Garden Gnome Drone

Garden Gadgets Gnome Drone

Hooting mechanical owls are child's play compared to this nontoxic pest control concept. The Garden Gnome Drone deters pests while minimizing disruptions for non-target animals, using two or more sensors to detect movement. When pests are around, the drone will take off, whirring around the garden to scare them away.


Flower Power

Garden Gadgets Flower Power

Flower Power is a smart sensor that you can insert into a pot to monitor all the usual variables like sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer, sending the data to the cloud for analysis before alerting you on your mobile device. 


Click and Grow

Garden Gadgets Click and Grow

NASA-inspired technology gives plant roots the optimal amount of water, oxygen and nutrients so you barely have to lift a finger to produce lush, healthy plants. Smartpots are tailored to specific plants so you can grow strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, basil, stevia and much more. Sensors and software do all the work – you just add batteries and fill the water tank about once a month.


Garden Gadgets Bitponics

Take care of your plants via the cloud instead of asking someone to look after them while you're out of town. Bitponics is an electronic 'personal gardening assistant' that starts with a personal growing plan, monitoring the plants with various sensors and routing the data through the Bitponics base station via wi-fi. The user can then access the information and direct the Bitponics base station to adjust light, water and other factors from afar.



Garden Gadgets Plant Link

Yet another moisture-measuring gadget makes it easy to check on your plants anywhere, at any time. The simple PlantLink device 'plugs' into the soil and notifies you when your plants are either under- or over-watered, taking into account the plant type to ensure accuracy.