Care To Recycle: Johnson & Johnson Simplifies Bathroom Recycling

Care To Recycle: Johnson & Johnson Simplifies Bathroom Recycling Recycling in the bathroom isn't always easy but thanks to Johnson & Johnson's "Care To Recycle" bathroom recycling solutions, it's getting a whole lot easier!

A Boy and His Bin

Recycling in the bathroom – the smallest room in most homes – has never been easy. Unfortunately, far too many Americans (as much as 80% according to some estimates) take the easy way out and don't bother recycling at all. Johnson & Johnson believes that making bathroom recycling easier is not only worth doing, it's worth doing right. With that ideal in mind, Johnson & Johnson is offering recycling resources and products designed for the way we live today and tomorrow. If your kids can do it, so can you… it's that easy! Visit Care To Recycle today and explore some of Johnson & Johnson's innovative recycling ideas. We're sure you'll find some that are just right for your bathroom, your home, and your responsibly green lifestyle.


Join the 20%

Research shows that even among American families who consistently practice recycling, only 20% recycle bathroom items. Why is that? The reasons range from not having enough space in the bathroom for a recycling bin to confusion over whether or not bathroom products such as shampoo, liquid soap and even toothbrushes are recyclable (hint: most of them are!). By joining the 20% of American families who recycle bathroom products now, you'll boost that figure to 20% plus one. Now imagine if your neighbors got in the swing of things. It can happen, with a little help from Johnson & Johnson, the company that cares about recycling and cares to recycle. Go to Care To Recycle and join the 20% today. Your children will thank you tomorrow.