Beach Whistles: Foolishly Flushed Tampon Applicators

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Beach Whistles: Foolishly Flushed Tampon Applicators(image via: YouTube/pianoazul2)

It’s tempting to put some of the blame for the terrible scourge of washed-up beach whistles on tampon manufacturers. The response of some has been remarkably insensitive, stating in effect that users are advised not to flush or otherwise improperly dispose of plastic applicators. If they do, it’s not the manufacturers’ fault if some customers are stupid, lazy, environmentally irresponsible or all of the above.

But some portion of those customers ARE stupid, lazy and environmentally irresponsible, Blanche, and tampon manufactures know that and need to take that into account. Is it really so difficult to make tampon applicators out of biodegradable plastic? Isn’t that a good thing in itself, regardless of how, when or where the things are disposed of?

Beach Whistles: Foolishly Flushed Tampon Applicators(image via: YouTube/pianoazul2)

Though those responsible for beach whistle pollution aren’t the type who participate in activist causes and campaigns, those who DO dispose of tampon paraphernalia responsibly can – and should – put the power of numbers to work.

Please buy only those tampons whose applicators are biodegradable, and let the companies whose tampons come with non-biodegradable applicators know you won’t support their brands via the helpful contact info they conveniently provide. Do it for the beaches and for beach-goers of all ages and genders so that someday, the only whistles on our beaches will be wolf-whistles.