Beach Whistles: Foolishly Flushed Tampon Applicators

Not Just Whistling Dixie

Beach Whistles: Foolishly Flushed Tampon Applicators(image via: Benny Mazur)

“Ladies, these aren’t biodegradable and belong in the trashcan, not the toilet,” explains our intrepid “poop plant” worker. “The basics of what should get flushed distills down to this: if you haven’t eaten it, or used it to wipe off something you’ve eaten, it goes in the trash. That also applies to the device that these applicators are designed to insert. Wrap ’em with a wad of Charmin if you are embarrassed by them, but please, please, please don’t flush ’em.” Words to live by. Period.

Now hold on a bloody minute – by no means are we slagging an entire gender here: the vast majority of post-pubescent and pre-menopausal women are as responsible about their menstrual remediation routine as the day is long. After sundown, however… What we’re trying to say is that a very, VERY small subset of tampon applicator flushers are ruining things for the rest, not to mention ruining the scenic character of America’s beaches, wetlands, tidal flats and seashores.

Beach Whistles: Foolishly Flushed Tampon Applicators(image via: YouTube/pianoazul2)

Given that the female population of the United States numbers roughly 150,000,000 and a significant percentage perform a number of tampon applications on a monthly basis, let’s just say the irresponsible actions of a few can lead to a lot of trouble down the road. Or down the stream, in this case.