WTF, Evolution: Blog Highlights Earth’s Weirdest Creatures

WTF Evolution 1

What kinds of bizarre, alien-seeming creatures lurk underground, in the depths of the sea or the wildest parts of the rainforest? Here at WebEcoist we’ve catalogued hundreds of the world’s most astonishing wildlife including the 74 most exotic and amazing animal species, the seven wonders of the marine animal world, and creatures that look like they’re from other planets. Another blog called WTF, Evolution – set to become a book – also finds photos of the weirdest and wackiest.

WTF Evolution 2

WTF Evolution 3

Photos of incredibly bizarre animals are posted along with humorous text exploring what it all means. Why, for example, would a primate evolve to develop a backside that looks a lot like Grumpy Cat?

WTF Evolution 4

These aren’t just your garden-variety funny-looking animals. The photos featured on the blog will have you saying out loud, “What the heck am I looking at?”

WTF Evolution 5

Check them all out at WTF, Evolution, and pre-order the book at Amazon.