Green Gadgets: 11 Eco-Friendly iPad Accessories

Green iPad Accessories

Buy one gadget, and you’ll likely find that you suddenly need all sorts of other items to go with it: cases, headphones, chargers, speakers and stands. But that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily stuck with wasteful, environmentally unfriendly options. These 11 accessories for iPads and other tablets are made of sustainable materials and use renewable energy for charging. Check out 13 green iPhone add-ons, too!

‘Reef System’ of Swappable Smart Modules

iPad Smart modules

A series of swappable ‘smart modules’ plug directly into the iPad to offer a range of functions like charging, speakers, and an extra phone for international travel. The ‘Reef’ system by Atoll includes a structural frame called a ‘Smart Cover’ that protects the iPad and makes it easy to plug in the additional components as needed.

iRock Charging Chair

iPad Rocking Chair Charger

How cool would it be to charge your iPad by rocking in a comfy chair as you read? The iRock by Micassa Lab is a rocking chair that acts as a kinetic energy harvester, turning the rocking motion into power for your mobile devices.

Light-Powered iPad Charging Table

iPad Charging Table

This side table has a surface covered in solar panels that use both sunlight and artificial light to charge electronic devices. ‘Lucio’ by Studio Natural is a ‘flexible charging island’ that can go anywhere in a room, regardless of proximity to power outlets and windows. A central docking station makes it easy to charge the iPad while using it.

Wudskins iPad Case & Stand

iPad Wudskins Bamboo Case

If you’ve ever wished that your iPad was more like a mini laptop, with a protective enclosure, this case might be for you. Wudskins is a bamboo and aluminum case with a friction hinge that allows it to be placed in perfect viewing position on surfaces like glass.


Wooden iPad Docking Station

iPad Wood Docking Station

What looks like no more than a log is actually a renewable handmade iPad docking station. This minimalist, eco-friendly design makes a strong visual statement and cuts back on the use of synthetic materials like plastic.

Renewable Cork iPad Case

iPad Cork Case

Protect your iPad with a case that’s not only soft and good-looking, but helps protect threatened forests in Portugal. Cork is a totally renewable resource, and the more demand there is for it, the better-protected the few remaining cork forests in the world will be. The Bambu series of cork products is hand-stitched and totally free of animal products, and can even be composted when their usefulness comes to an end.

Combination Cutting Board/iPad Stand

iPad Cutting Board

If you use your iPad as a recipe book when cooking, this cutting board could make your life a bit easier. The dishwasher-safe board comes with a built-in iPad stand and is made of NSF-certified wood.

iZen Bamboo Keyboard

iPad Bamboo Keyboard

Using your iPad to type a lot? You might want an external keyboard, like this one by iZen. Made of bamboo, it’s the first eco-friendly keyboard available and comes with a matching stand.


Wallee Wool iPad Case 

iPad Wallee

100% renewable wool felt protects the iPad in style with the Wallee glove, a product made for use with the Wallee ipad case that snaps onto the back of the tablet. The Wallee system works with a series of accessories like a pivot mount, a mount to secure the iPad to a headrest for back-row viewing of movies in vehicles, and a hand strap.

Sustainable Zero-Energy Sound Amplifier

iPad Sound Amplifier

Make the audio louder without actually using any extra power. The Loudbasstard is made entirely of bamboo, amplifying the music acoustically.


Spark Tablet Case

iPad Solar Case

Acting as a stand, case and charger all in one, the Spark Tablet Case has 8 watts of solar panels embedded into the front of the case, with one hour of sun exposure translating to about one hour of video playback. The fabric shell is made of recycled PET soda bottles.