Sustainability Treehouse Teaches Environmental Stewardship

Sustainability Treehouse 1

A treehouse reaching high into the canopy of a West Virginia forest acts as an interactive sustainability exhibit complete with solar panels, wind turbines, a cistern and water filtration system and a variety of green building techniques. Created for the Boy Scouts of America by Mithun architects, The Sustainability Treehouse is a new landmark in the Summit Bechtel Reserve to promote environmental stewardship among the scouts that hold their camping adventures within.

Sustainability Treehouse 2

Built on a five-story Corten steel frame, the ‘treehouse’ is elevated high into the branches of the forest without actually relying on the trees for support. The pole base provides a minimal footprint to avoid disturbing the ecosystem below. Natural weathering of these steel poles gives them a trunk-like appearance.

Sustainability Treehouse 3

Sustainability Treehouse 4

Cantilevered platforms jut out from each level, providing views from various elevations. Stairs take visitors through a variety of exhibits on their way up to the highest platform, where they can gaze up at the sculptural blades of the turbines. The solar panels, turbines and water collection and filtration system enable the tower to be self-sustaining.

Sustainability Treehouse 6

This modern treehouse design is just one of many beautiful structures that are constructed in harmony with their woodland settings. See 15 more terrific towering treehouses.