Organic Interiors: 15 More Inspirational Home Designs

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Looking to bring a little bit of nature into your home? Get inspiration from these 15 (more!) gorgeous interior design photos featuring organic elements. Stone floors, living moss carpets, boulder tubs, indoor plant room dividers and DIY branch headboards are just a few of the potential idea-sparking projects featured here.

Decorative Wood Branch Accents by Art Signs Interiors

Organic Interiors Wood Branch Designs

ArtSigns Interiors creates custom-made decorative elements for homes and businesses, including these wooden branch-inspired room screens and doors. The natural wood tones and the shape of the branches, which is also reminiscent of coral, add a bit of organic flair to each space.


Nature-Inspired Digitally-Printed Carpets

Organic Interiors Nature Inspired Carpets

How cool is this carpet? A company called EgeCarpets creates nature-inspired textiles with digital prints mimicking wood slices, stone, and even wood flooring for the comfort and softness of carpet with a more dynamic look.


Stones and Branches by Laurie Owens

Organic Interiors Laurie Owens

Interior designer Laurie Owens is known for incorporating natural elements into home interiors, including rock walls, sparkling shell chandeliers, stone bowl sinks, branch-clad ceilings and lots of organic furniture and textiles.


Nautilus Shell Home by Javier Senosiain

Organic Interiors Nautilus Shell Home

Interior design doesn’t get much more organic than this: Javier Senosiain’s ‘The Nautilus,’ a shell-shaped home with inside rooms bursting with greenery. Rounded walls, colorful glass mosaic windows and all of those plants combine to make this unusual house feel a bit like a converted (and super comfortable) cave.


Living Moss Carpets

Organic Interiors Moss Carpets

Supported by a plant-based, rug-like fiber, these carpets are made up of living moss. Terramac by Makoto Azuma is a biodegradable system for bringing nature into the home, containing soil and seeds that just have to be misted with water every now and then.


Flowing Walls Made of Recycled Cardboard

Organic Interiors Cardboard Walls

Cardboard may not be an obvious choice for wall treatments, but this modern shop interior for Yeshop in Athens, Greece shows off its versatility. Reclaimed corrugated cardboard was stacked, glued and then carved into beautiful flowing shapes to create a rounded interior.


Green and White in a Portland Mid-Century Home

Organic Interiors Portland MidCentury

This midcentury modern home in Portland, with interior design by Jessica Helgerson, is a prime example of what minimalist organic style can achieve by pairing lots of living green accents with bright white walls and natural daylight.


Gorgeous Feng Shui Bathroom

Organic Interiors Feng Shui Bathroom

You’d have to forgive us for spending an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom, if our bathroom looked like this. Optimized for Feng Shui, the Chinese art of arranging interiors for optimal flow of ‘chi’ energy, it features living bamboo and a moss-lined bench in addition to a floor inlaid with natural gray stones.


Granite Boulder Bath Tubs

Organic Interiors Granite Boulder Tub

What kind of bathtub could be more visually striking than one made from a massive granite boulder? Houzz has a collection of these natural tubs that’ll have you eyeballing your bathroom floor, wondering whether it could support all that weight.


Tree-Filled Courtyard by Garrett Eckbo

Organic Interiors Tree Courtyard

Incorporating living trees into interior design can be a tricky prospect, but for those who have interior courtyards, they’re a must-have. This photo shows how nature and interior design can come together in indoor/outdoor spaces.


Rustic Wood Bathroom Counter

Organic Interiors Rustic Wood Bathroom Counter

A large slice of burled wood is supported by heavy black chains to make up an incredible, vaguely medieval-looking bathroom counter. 


Shiavello Vertical Gardens

Organic Interiors Vertical Garden Walls

Vertical gardens come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small collections of hanging plants to green walls covering entire multi-story building facades. In this case, Joost Bakker’s Vertical Garden is a steel-frame interior plant system on a grid, allowing potted plants to be stacked vertically in modular columns or walls.


Fairytale Feel with Forest Rug by Angela Adams

Organic Interiors Fairytale Rug

Printed rugs can be a great way to add visual interest to a room (“It really ties the room together”) and rarely has one rug made such a big impact as this one. The Forest Rug by Angela Adams makes this home feel like a woodland retreat.


Indoor Plants as Room Dividers

Organic Interiors Plants Room Dividers

Add greenery and divide a large space at the same time. While in this case, the shrubs are planted in a built-in niche specifically made for this purpose, you could achieve a similar room screen effect with potted plants.


Natural Branch  Headboard in London Dream Penthouse

Organic Interiors Branch Headboard

This dream penthouse in London is packed with futuristic features that most of us could only dream of having in our own homes, but the gorgeous birch branch headboard is totally doable (and stunning.)