Real Eco Friendly: The World’s 7 Cutest Recycling Bins

By prompting smiles while encouraging respect for the environment, these 7 cute recycling bins help maintain cleaner & greener public places and spaces.

Sapporo Surprise

(images via: MIKI Yoshihito)

Count on Japan to endeavor to ensure anything and everything is as cute as it could possibly be… and then somehow evoke something terrifying once the finished product is put on public display. Take the quartet of recycle bins above, located in the northern Japanese city of Sapporo. Flickr user MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・) manages to capture the uncomfortable combination of happiness and horror embodied in these cross-eyed bins designed to accept (from left to right) glass, plastic, steel and aluminum bottles and cans.

(image via: Japan Farmers Markets)

Lest one write off the curious faces on those Sapporo recycle bins as a one-off attempt at public beautification, we offer the trio of bins above. Though still cross-eyed, the bins pull off the anthropomorphism theme slightly more successfully thanks to their rounder “mouths”.

Memorable Mentalgassi

(images via: Mentalgassi)

German street art collective Mentalgassi has got European recycling bins covered… literally! The group has made a name for themselves by blowing up photos – usually of odd and/or unusual faces – and plastering the images over appropriately-sized pieces of public infrastructure. The recycling bins above are located in Katowice, Poland and Zagreb, Croatia were “Metalgassi-fied” in 2012.

Urban Durban

(image via: Collect-a-Can)

Though not an actual recycle bin per se (and you’ll know it if you try to deposit any empty bottles or cans in its mouth), the grinning purple mascot above is meant to imbue recognition of recycling efforts conducted by schools in South Africa’s Western Cape region. The tin can shoes the mascot’s wearing are a nice touch, dontcha think?