Print Green: 3D Print Real Grass in Fun Shapes

3D printers are getting so advanced, it seems like it’s possible to print virtually anything, from food to medical miracles like ‘manufactured’ living organs. You can even 3D print grass – sort of. Students at the University of Maribor in Slovenia have created ‘Tiskaj ZELENO,’ a 3D printer that squirts out a blend of mud and grass seeds in all kinds of different shapes.

printGREEN from Simon Tržan on Vimeo.

The printer was configured to lay out layer after layer of the mixture in various configurations to produce lettering, three-dimensional flower pots and even portraits. While the results just look like mud at first, they spring to life with exposure to water and sunlight.

3D printing offers all kinds of exciting possibilities, putting manufacturing into the hands of consumers – even to the extent of cars and architecture! Imagine one like this creating entire cob houses in much the same way as it prints those bowls.