Chameleon Cabin: Cardboard Hut Changes Color

This fun and unusual design for a tiny cabin looks totally different depending on your perspective – and it’s made of cardboard! From one end, it’s entirely white, while from the other, it seems to blend into the woods. The Chamelon Cabin was printed from stiff paper with contrasting white and black marble designs.

Created by architect Mattias Lind of Swedish firm White Arkitekter, the tiny house was actually made as an advertisement for a printing firm, to prove that the sky’s the limit when it comes to their packaging abilities. It’s certainly a creative way to advertise for that kind of service, and a cool example of what can be done with unexpected materials.

95 cardboard modules make up the body of the cabin, along with a gabled roof, and it was assembled with a simple system of tabs and slots. The interior is a vivid yellow.

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