Solar-Powered LED Clothespins Light Up Urban Nights

Solar LED Clothespin 1

While we can’t exactly call this a ‘sustainable’ version of a clothespin, since it’s made of plastic and far more complicated than the simple ones made of renewable wood, it does have an interesting spin. Designers Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka have created the ‘Lightly,’ a clothespin with built-in solar panels and LED lights that emit decorative ambient illumination once the sun goes down.

Solar LED CLothespin 2

The panels collect sunlight by day while a sensor automatically cues the lights to turn on at dusk. Of course, the design is waterproof, so leaving them out in the weather is no problem.

Solar LED Clothespins 3

Sure, clothespins don’t need to have lights built in, but imagine how much cooler lines of laundry would look hanging in backyards or billowing in the wind on city streets if they were covered in tiny multicolored lights.