Swing At The End of the World: Amazing Volcano Views

Swing at the End of the World 1

Are you brave enough to swing off the edge of a cliff? If so, you’ll be rewarded handsomely, with an incredibly unique vantage point of a beautiful mountain landscape in Ecuador. Located at La Casa del Arbol, the Swing at the End of the World can be found at an elevation of 2,660 meters (8,727 feet) with a view of the Tungurahua volcano.

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And we’re not talking about a theme park-style ride with safety harnesses. This is a super simple swing, no more than some rope and a board like the kind you might have had in your backyard as a kid. It extends out from a small treehouse that will also enable some beautiful views for those afflicted with fear of heights.

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The small city of Baños, Ecuador is in the Andean highlands, and its name comes from the famous hydrothermal springs in the area. La Cascada de La Virgen is another big draw, a sparkling waterfall near the city center that empties near the thermal baths. The area also offers hiking, biking, rafting, paragliding, rappelling and lots of other outdoor activities.