Wheelhaus: Rolling Cabin Designs Offer Small-Scale Comfort

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Downsizing to a smaller home doesn’t have to mean living in a flimsy prefab, inhaling toxic chemicals from cheap synthetic components. It also doesn’t have to be quite so extreme as moving into a tiny house the size of a shed. High quality, handcrafted small houses like those made by Wheelhaus don’t skimp on quality, and they’re so well designed, they don’t feel all that small.

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Wheelhaus builds small-scale houses in the ‘Park Model’ size range, meaning they’re portable, but not quite so small that you can easily tow them around behind a truck. Most range around 400 square feet in size and offer lofts, decks, real wood siding and spacious double-height living rooms.

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The original model, the Wedge, is the base model for all of the company’s rolling cabins, and features an angled roof and an all-glass front. From there, the cabins get larger and more complex, including the Caboose, the Lighthouse and the Rail Car.

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The Silo has a retro-meets-modern design with a streamlined silhouette in lightweight aluminum for easy and affordable transport. On the other end of the spectrum is the Hitch-Haus, which is actually just several of the base models put together – you can choose whatever configuration you like. See lots more photos and get info at Wheelhaus.com.