DIY Bikes: 14 Crazy Homemade Cycling Creations

DIY Bikes Main

Here at WebEcoist we’ve featured all kinds of crazy DIY creations in addition to some of the world’s most innovative and fascinating bicycle designs. Now, both come together in 14 jaw-dropping homemade bikes, from a ‘Trike of Death’ that spits fire and a monster truck bike that rolls over cars to wooden-frame designs and office-chair-bicycle hybrids that you can make yourself.

Big Dog’ Monster Truck Bicycle

DIY Bikes Monster Truck

You wouldn’t feel intimidated by cars if you were riding down the street in this crazy monster-truck-inspired DIY bicycle for four. The ‘BigDog’ weighs 600 pounds and, amazingly enough, it can roll right over cars.

DIY Floating Water Bike

DIY Bikes Floating Water

Ride on the surface of a lake or river with a relatively cheap and easy DIY contraption that can be added to an ordinary bicycle. This idea attaches four large water bottles to each wheel of a bike, enabling it to float. Even better, you can roll right out onto the street, as the bottles are elevated above ground level.

Turn an Ordinary Bike into a Horse

DIY Bikes Horse Kit

The ‘Horsey’ kit enables you to give virtually any bike a fun and creative makeover. It comes with wooden parts that attach to the bike frame to add a white horse silhouette.

Treadmill Bike

DIY Bikes Treadmill

Can’t decide between running or biking? Here’s a weird contraption just for you. It’s a treadmill mounted on a bicycle. The result is pretty weird looking, and might just cause a car accident or two. It may seem pointless, but it can be argued that the resistance of a treadmill is better for building leg muscle than simply running.

Crazy Boot Bike

DIY Bikes Boot Tires

This unusual DIY creation has boots instead of tires. Why? Perhaps the more apt question is, why not?

Desk Chair Bike

DIY Bikes Office Chair

If you just can’t get enough of your office chair, you could be cruising around in one instead of just sitting at your desk. Instructables actually provides a tutorial for creating one of your own.

Wooden Bike Plans

DIY Bikes Wooden Tutorial

Want to build your own wooden bike? The site Shelter Systems offers plans that use basic lumber, hinges and other parts available at the hardware store.

DIY Road Warrior Bike

DIY Bikes Trike of Death

The creator of this amazing DIY bike calls it ‘the trike of death,‘ and it’s not hard to see why: the thing shoots fire. Seriously. Check out all the steps that went into creating it at the link.

Stereo Bike

DIY Bikes Stereo

If you’re worried about your bike getting stolen, adding $4,000 worth of stereo equipment – including a powerful amplifier, two 15-inch bass woofers and four midrange speakers – isn’t exactly going to help. But it certainly makes for a powerful musical cycling experience.

World’s First Cardboard Bicycle

DIY Bikes Cardboard

A flat-pack cardboard bicycle frame
could make bikes accessible to virtually everyone. Student Phil Bridge of the UK developed a bike made of strong industrial cardboard with a honeycomb core

Radiator Bike

DIY Bikes Radiator

In Holland, bicycles outnumber people, so perhaps it’s no surprise that they’re getting really creative with their DIY bike designs. This one was made with an old radiator as the frame.

Mad Max Bike

DIY Bikes Mad Max

Okay, so this one is actually a motorcycle – but it’s pretty amazing, and wouldn’t be at all out of place in a post-apocalyptic movie.

The Running-Powered Bicycle

DIY Bikes Running Powered

If you still just can’t seem to make that decision between running and biking, here’s another option for you. The ‘Jump Bike’ has no pedals – it’s powered, instead, by running. You use your own leg power to get started, hop onto the seat and let the wheels take over.


DIY Bikes Frankenstein

In the RatRod Bikes forum, user ‘bicycleguy’ shares two photos of bikes that were made with various frames that had been run over, producing some crazy Frankenstein-like creations that could be a challenge to actually ride.

Toilet Cycle

DIY Bikes Toilet

What to do with an old toilet when it’s no longer functional? Turn it into a bike, maybe, like the artists at Philadelphia’s Recycled Artists in Residency program did here.