Beach Cabana Made Almost Entirely of Reclaimed Pallets

Reclaimed Pallet Beach House 1

A lot of people think of wood pallets as disposable junk, but these reusable workhorses can do a lot more than you might think, sometimes resulting in amazing eco-friendly projects that are surprisingly stylish. Take a look at this beach cabana, for one example. Designer David Guarino reclaimed pallets to create virtually the entire structure, from the planter-box exterior to the lounge chairs on the deck.

Reclaimed Pallet Beach House 2

Reclaimed Pallet Beach House 3

The cabana is located in Japan, on Morito Beach in Hayama. Local artisans helped construct the two-story structure, which features a book store, shop, showers and bathroom facilities. The upper deck functions as a lounge and cafe terrace. The whole thing can be closed up , hiding the doors and windows.

Recaimed Pallet Beach House 4

Reclaimed Pallet Beach House 5

The list of things you can make with pallets seems to be unending. Sheds, bike trailers, bookcases, headboards. Flooring, wall paneling, dog beds and swings. Get some inspiration for reclaimed pallet projects of your own here, here and here.