Wooden Boats Recycled Into Stunning House in Spain

Recycled Boats Wood House Spain 1

This gorgeous wooden house gets its charming exterior siding from an unusual source: reclaimed ‘bateaus’ used in the local mussel production industry. Spanish architect Iñaki Leite used older, more worn boats for the exterior of the house to give it a fittingly weathered look, and smoother, newer wood to line the inside surfaces.
Recycled Boats Wood House SPain 2
The two interconnecting volumes of the house represent dual personalities: the wooden section is dense, closed-off, with large shutters that can be closed tight for maximum privacy and darkness. The second volume features glazed walls letting in natural light and providing views of the sea.

Recycled Boats Wood House Spain 3

Using reclaimed materials not only reduces the environmental impact of the home’s construction, it also adds lots of character and a sense of history. In this case, they’re even more meaningful, as they’re tied to the culture of the community.

Recycled Boats Wood House Spain 4

The rustic reclaimed wood also helps the home blend into its seaside setting, with lush vegetation growing all around it.