Think Pink: Women-Only Parking Around The World

Berlin, Germany

(images via: Emma Persky, Associated Newspapers and We Took The Road Less Traveled)

Old and busted: Fahrvergnügen. New hotness: Frauen-parkplatz! While this may confuse female VW drivers, it’s good to see Germany’s capitol city continuing to modernize all facets of society right down to the design of their women-only parking places. You know the Germans always make good stuff and that goes for graphic design as well: compare the businesslike woman on the updated sign above with the frazzled, skeletal-armed bag lady on the Kuwaiti sign. Honestly, who would you rather drive (or park) with?

Tianjin, China

(images via: People’s Daily)

Chinese society is modernizing at a rapid pace and the buying power of half-a-billion Chinese women is not to be ignored. Business-owners in Tianjin have made a pretty play for that power by advertising their mall’s LP section – Ladies Parking, that is. Pink electronic overhead signs guide women to well-lit parking spaces, which are situated near the mall’s entrance for their convenience and security before and after shopping.

(image via: Xinhuanet)

The mall-owners have taken a slightly different tack to designing their designated-damsel parking area. Instead of painting pink lines and graphics on the soon-dirtied parking lot floor, the mall has brightened up the walls with colorful graphics (though still mainly pink) highlighted by pea hens… peacocks park elsewhere.

Surabaya, Indonesia

(images via: Durian Days)

The Grand City Mall in Surabaya, Indonesia is a grand place to park if you’re of the pink persuasion if you know what I mean, and I think you do. One wonders, however, if the gloss paint completely covering these women-only parking places will be more than a little slippery when trod upon by unsensibly-shoed women in wet weather. Doing an impromptu slip & slide in fancy dress is anything but grand, amiright?