Mythbusters Experiment: Does Talking to Plants Help Them Grow?

Plant Talk Mythbusters 1

You can help the Mythbusters team revisit a common theory about talking to plants, just by sending a tweet. Send your message, and your words will be read aloud to a plant to see whether it actually affects the growth rate or lushness of the foliage. “Go ahead, get something off your chest, wish it well, or just pass along today’s musings. The plant doesn’t care, it just wants to hear from you.”
Plant Talk Mythbusters 2
The research team will be monitoring the height of the plants to see whether your tweets make a difference. They’ll also note leaf color and size, as the greener the leaf, the healthier the plant.

Plant Talk Mythbusters 3

It’s all part of “Mythbusters: The Explosive Edition,” an exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science that will be up from October 11th, 2013 through January 5th, 2014. Check out to keep track of the project’s progress.