Animals Turned to Stone by Lethal Lake in Tanzania


Believe it or not, that’s no sculpture – it’s a calcified eagle, literally turned to stone. British photographer Nick Brandt was amazed to find one creature after another seemingly frozen like something out of a mythological tale along the shoreline of the lethal Lake Natron in Tanzania. Brandt, who was on a photographic journey across East Africa, captured many of these creatures.



How is this even possible? Apparently, Lake Natron contains a deadly chemical composition that kills, calcifies and then preserves any creature that takes a dip into its waters. Once the birds, bats, lizards and other animals plunge under the surface, it doesn’t take long before the high soda and salt content goes to work on their bodies.



Brandt took the animals he found along the edges of the lake and posed them on branches, temporarily bringing them back to life in an eerie way. Some appear to have died while attempting to call out or fly away.


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