Another Vine Mess: 8 Awful Ways To Enjoy Tomatoes

Tomato Juice Candy

(image via: Jimmie)

China seems to be plagued by one food scandal after another and that doesn’t even include officially approved products like Tomato Juice Candy. What does it taste like? According to the source of the above image, Flickr user Jimmie, “It’s just sweet. Not much flavor to be honest. But if you think about tomatoes while you eat it, you can imagine the flavor.” How ’bout we NOT think about tomatoes when we eat it and save everyone a whole lot of heartbreak and stomach-ache.

Tomato Hairstyle

(images via: MIXnews)

Lest you think tomatoes have gone to our heads, here’s someone whose head has gone to tomatoes. This unnamed (for good reason) customer went to an Osaka-based hair salon called Trick Store for her “Ripe Tomato” hairdo. Stylist extraordinaire Hiro created the ultra-organic ‘do for his regular patrons in the Japanese city’s trendy Amemura district where local youth culture seemingly find nothing to be too shocking, and even the wildest fashion statements get the brush-off.

(image via: Japan Today)

Hiro’s other hair-raising designs include homages to ladybugs, raccoons and leopards, all involving radical trimming techniques and the use of colors not found in nature… besides your garden, that is. On the other hand, there are other, even more awkward ways to take one’s unhealthy tomato obsession to the max.