Stylish Cycling: 15 Practical & Fashionable Accessories

Cycling is a healthy, eco-friendly way to get around, and it’s not all dorky helmets and unflattering bike shorts. These 15 stylish and practical accessories for bicycle commuting or leisure riding cover everything from waterproof capes and grippy gloves to retro-style lights and spacious bike trunks.

Buca Boot Bicycle Carryall

Bicycle commuting can be a tricky prospect when you have to transport more than what might fit in a messenger bag, or you need to keep it dry. This stylish weatherproof case, the Buca Boot, will ensure that your cargo won’t get wet in a rainstorm. It expands with side pannier bags to offer even more storage, and has a locking mechanism so it can be detached rom the bike without opening the lids.

Mobiel Bike Cart

The cute wooden Mobiel cart may have been made specifically with urban farmers in mind, incorporating convenient little slots for tool storage, but it could come in handy for a whole lot more than that.

Brooks England Hoxton Front Basket

Sleek, simple and elegant, this high-quality basket from Brooks England has a classic look.

Ladies’ Saddle from Brooks England

Sometimes stylish saddles aren’t so comfortable, and comfortable saddles don’t score high in the looks department. This leisure saddle option from Brooks (like most of the brand’s saddles) offers the best of both worlds.

Retro Front Light

Give your vintage or retro-style bike the finishing touch with a cool LED front light that runs on two AA batteries.

Bicycle Skirt Guard

Want to wear a skirt while cycling, but too nervous that it’ll get caught up in the spokes? There’s a (super cute) solution for that problem – a bicycle skirt guard in a polka-dot pattern.

Vespertine Reflective Bike Belt

‘Haute reflecture’ is the tagline of Vespertine NYC, a company producing fashionable reflective clothing – including the first safety vest to appear in Vogue. Coats, dresses, vests, scarves and even belts (pictured above) by Vespertine include reflective laments that either blend in entirely or act as a style statement.

Yakkay Helmets & Helmet Covers

If standard bike helmets are too dorky for your taste, Yakkay has just what you’re looking for: customizable helmets with cool covers that you can switch out as you like. Styles include fedoras, newsboy caps, bucket hats and even faux-fur toppers.

SuLi Bicycle Seat Covers

Avoid the dreaded ‘bike butt’ look, which can occur when pigmentation from your saddle imprints a bike-seat-shaped spot onto your clothing, with removable covers. SuLi offers waterproof saddle covers that attach to the stem with an anti-theft cord; they can also come in handy for covering a damp seat when it’s been raining and you don’t have anything to wipe off the moisture.

Iva Jean Rain Cape

Iva Jean makes beautiful clothing for fashionable cyclists, including this versatile rain cape with reflective piping, a high collar, a billed hood and a cord pull system. It offers great coverage for those rainy days, yet won’t restrict the movement of your legs and arms as you bike.

PDW Takeout Basket

Just the right size for a six-pack of beer, a rolled-up jacket or a bag of your favorite takeout, this basket keeps a low profile.

The Bird Cage Water Bottle Holder

This decorative bird-shaped water bottle holder is a fun way to keep hydration handy while cycling.

Recycled Emergency Mud Guards

Eliminating both the problem of rainwater spraying up onto your clothing and the cluttered look that fenders can add to an otherwise sleek bicycle, the ‘Ass Saver‘ is a removable guard that fits onto the rails of the saddle without any tools or fittings. It’s made of recycled polypropylene, and folds up nicely when it’s not needed.

Brick Lane Bikes Crochet Cycling Gloves

Add some vintage-style hand protection and grip in black, white and tan with these crocheted cycling gloves.

Brooks Brick Lane Roll-Up Pannier

Roll-up panniers are as classic as any cycling accessory, and they’ve been around so long because they’re so practical. This version by Brick Lane is made of water-resistant cotton with leather details.