Bicycle Treehouse Elevator: Pedal-Powered Genius!

Bicycle Powered Treehouse Elevator 1

From the ground to the treetops in seconds, this amazing bicycle-powered treehouse elevator makes it easy to access a cool rustic hideaway. The ingenious creation by Ethan Schlussler provides a quick solution that eliminates the need for ladders.

You might think lifting a fully-grown man with nothing more than pedal power would take an awful lot of effort, but in the video, Schlussler can be seen gliding into the air like something out of an animated Disney film. “I got tired of climbing a ladder six and a half million times a day, so I made a bicycle powered elevator to solve this problem,” he says.

Bicycle-Powered Treehouse Elevator 2

Bicycle-Powered Treehouse Elevator 3

“It was originally a 20-something speed bicycle, but first gear wasn’t slow enough, so I cut the large sprocket off the front, and welded it to the rear to get a lower gear. I also had to do away with the de-railers and make a new chain tensioner.”

Bicycle-Powered Treehouse Elevator 4

“Don’t you wish you had one?” he teases. Yes. Yes, we do.