Stylin’ Electric Scooter is Made from Hemp and Flax

This stylish scooter is lightweight, zippy, sustainable and runs on electric power. The Be.e is the first biocomposite e-scooter made with hemp, flax and bio-resin created for city commuting and pay-per-use. It gets up to two hours of driving per charge, and fully recharges in under three hours with a 600W charger using a standard 220V outlet.

Inside the body of this little scooter is an ultra-lightweight layer of hemp fibers. It’s coated in flax and bio-resin to create a shell that protects the interior. Clear panels on the body give us a glimpse at the hemp underneath. The wind screen is nano-coated with a hydrophobic layer so that water droplets and dirt particles are deflected while driving, improving visibility.

Aside from the hemp and the shell, the only components of the scooter body are the batteries, the wheels and a little glue.This construction eliminates the 4-dozen or more parts of a normal scooter that have to be welded or screwed together. The technique is used to fabricate Formula 1 race cars, except in this case, it’s made using natural fibers.

Instead of selling them, the company plans to rent them on a weekly or monthly basis to customers they dub “Be.eKeepers,” who will spread the word about the brand by taking them out into the world. That way, the risk of ownership is taken off the end customer. Learn more at Van.eko.