Cagey Kitty: 7 Safe & Secure Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Bentwood Is Bestwood

(images via: Framebow)

Old and busted: bentwood chairs. New hotness: bentwood Cat Kennels from Framebow! Combining spacious house sections with high, wide & handsome enclosed runs, these beautiful cat enclosures put many actual homes to shame. Framebow builds each Cat Kennel individually from joinery grade bent redwood in their rural workshops and there’s plenty of room for customization: extra run lengths, additional cladding, even cat-safe heaters are on the options list. The finished but knocked-down Cat Kennels (don’t tell your precious feline what a “kennel” really is) are delivered to purchasers flat-packed in sections on pallets for “easy home assembly”… if IKEA furniture throws you for a loop, better get a handy friend to help.

Awesome Awnings

(images via: Online Pet Store By Conny)

Not all of us have the means to spend an arm, er, a paw and a leg on the ultimate outdoor cat enclosure. What’s more, bigger isn’t always better – a little looking online will uncover some real jewels! Take the Outdoor Cat Condo/Tree Combination, for instance. This modular enclosure is made with quality materials chosen for appearance and durability; just get a load of those circus-style awnings! The nice folks at Online Pet Store By Conny will even pre-package a choice combo of cat-friendly elements and discount the total. If that doesn’t get you purrin’, what will?