Gadget Turns a Regular Bike into an Electric Bike

Rubbee Electric Bicycle 1

An electric drive mechanism called the Rubbee turns an ordinary bicycle into an electric bike in just seconds. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, this product is features an integrated clamp mechanism that makes it incredibly easy to install, unlike most conversion kits currently available, which require some electrical and mechanical skills and are often heavy and bulky.

Rubbee Electric Bicycle 2

The Rubbee features a high-efficiency electric friction drive and integrated battery pack that keeps bikes going without the need to pedal for more than 15 miles. Because it’s so quick to clamp on, you can switch from a regular bike to an electric bike in no time flat. Since it’s not permanently installed, you can move it from one bike to another as desired.

Taking Rubbee for a spin from Rubbee Drive on Vimeo.

The top speed reached by a bicycle with a Rubbee converter is 15 miles per hour, and it takes two hours to fully recharge. It’s the friction wheel, which pushes against the rear wheel of the bicycle, that provides the power, helping users get up hills faster and, in many cases, travel farther than they could using their legs alone.

Rubbee on full suspension bicycle from Rubbee Drive on Vimeo.

The small team of young designers has spent two years refining the Rubbee, which is one of many ingenious projects to get a chance at production via crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Check it out, consider donating and receive some cool rewards.