Real Life Flintstones House Made of Rocks in Portugal

This might be one of the most unusual tiny houses in the world, and it’s sure to get the Flintstones theme song stuck in your head. While it looks like a Photoshop creation, it’s very real. Located in the mountains of Fafe, Portugal, the house is made of a few massive boulders, and it’s even topped with a traditional Mediterranean-style roof.

Two giant boulders make up most of the home’s structure. Walls made of small stacked stones, also gathered on the site, fill in the rest. The home is dotted with crooked handmade windows, adding to its curious and rustic charm.

The Flintstones similarity is no coincidence – the show inspired the owner to build the home as his own private residence. The eco-friendly house is made of natural and local materials and filled with rough-cut log furniture. A wind turbine provides its power.

While monolithic, prehistoric-looking rock houses definitely aren’t common, they offer just one in a wide range of possibilities for homes made of environmentally friendly materials. Check out 7 different ways to build houses from natural materials, including earthships, hobbit houses, cob, cordwood, straw bale and rammed earth.