Gut Feelings: 9 Overly Anatomically Correct Dolls

LEGO My Pancreas!

(images via: Tumblr/Arpeggia)

If there was some sort of bizarro anti-Santa’s Work Shop at the South Pole, it would probably look a lot like Jason Freeny‘s workplace… unless, of course, Freeny actually IS the bizarro anti-Santa.

(image via: Tumblr/Arpeggia)

Would kids enjoy finding one of Jason Freeny’s LEGO Man semi-vivisection models under the tree on Christmas morning? Yep, I’m sure they’d just eat it up before moving on to the dog, cat, and Mom & Dad.

Creepy Kewpie

(images via: C/Net and InventorSpot)

What could be cuter than a Kewpie doll, and why would anyone want to turn this century-old icon of sweet innocence to the dark side? A number of people, it seems, and the results are just as visually arresting as one might imagine. Tokyo’s Strapya World offered such a semi-dissected Kewpie Doll back in 2007 as part of a set of Ten Weird and Bizarre Kewpie Doll Cell Phone Charms which, fortunately or unfortunately depending upon your predilection for such things, is no longer available. Just as well: the Japanese word bubble above translates to “Now that you’ve seen me, you must die!”

(image via: Robot Cosmonaut)

Leave it to Jason Freeny to have the last word on carved-up, innards-on-display Kewpie Dolls… the last word you will ever hear, or see, whatever! As is the case with most of Freeny’s creepy/cute creations, the Cuisinarted Kewpie is available for purchase either from a current eBay auction or through Freeny’s own Moist Productions website.

Finding Nemo Fileted

(images via: A Peek Inside My Head and eBay/Blackhornetz)

Finding Nemo inside a box of sushi conveniently chopped into bite-sized portions is one thing; finding him split down the middle lengthwise so as to expose his skeleton is quite the other. Actually both are off the edge of the edginess scale with the difference being one can purchase the carved wood fileted Nemo on eBay.

(images via: Bifuteki)

So did the shark do what sharks do after all? It would seem so, once one flips Jason Freeny’s awesome Finding Nemo sculpture around to its carved and painted scarier side. Better not show this to Dory, though on second thought she’d quickly forget what she saw. You and I should be so lucky.