Gut Feelings: 9 Overly Anatomically Correct Dolls

Blythe Meets Scythe

(image via: Valeri-DBF)

Blythe dolls were originally introduced by Kenner in the early 1970s and Japan’s Takara Tomy company has aided and abetted a modern-day revival of the big-headed beauties. Blythe collectors delight in assembling outfits for their dolls, photograph them in interesting locations, and even modify their bodies – true plastic surgery as it were. Art imitates life, and like life it’s quite possible to take a good thing beyond its limits. Full props to Flickr user Valeri-DBF for the delightfully disturbing image above.

(images via: karrie)

If a surgically stripped Blythe doll is a tad too grotesque for one’s taste, perhaps one wearing an ensemble of internal organ clothing is easier to take. Aww, isn’t that cute, she’s holding her tail… wait up, that’s NOT a tail! Kudos to Flickr user karrie, aka Girlontherocks for these surrealistically sweet images.

Mario’s Marrow

(images via: Imgur/More Freeny Love)

Mario may have been trained as a plumber but someone (Jason Freeny, to be exact) has seriously fixed his pipes. We can’t blame Luigi for this one, folks, though if Mario’s little brother went to the Mushroom kingdom and ate the wrong kind of mushrooms, this is what he’d probably see.

(image via: Gigazine and Imgur/More Freeny Love)

Just in case you’re wondering just how Jason Freeny makes these demonically divided dolls, there’s an illustrated guide to doing just that (Mario edition) that doesn’t miss a trick. Knowing HOW Freeny does it doesn’t mean YOU can suddenly do it, of course, so simply enjoy the show and leave the rest to Freeny.

Ronald’s Digest

(images via: Argentina Independent, SnottyToys and PicsToPin)

Japan’s Secret Base makes an astonishing variety of oddly Ronald McDonald-ish clown figurines of which the MC SUPER SIZED in HUMBERGER series is perhaps the most disturbing… though it’s a very close race. Some of them feature glow-in-the-dark bones, others pack a stack of undigested hamburgers in their bellies, and ALL of them are exactly what you DON’T want sitting on a chair watching you sleep, poltergeist style.

(image via: White Rabbit Express)

Seriously, ya think McDonald’s has any leverage when it comes to copyright enforcement, besides siccing Officer Big Mac on any and all intellectual property ham-burglars? Apparently that isn’t the case as Secret Base seems to be selling these clownish figurines as fast as they can make ’em… pretty much the same as McDonald’s MO when it comes to their burgers.