Gut Feelings: 9 Overly Anatomically Correct Dolls

Dolls and animation characters displaying their internal organs is a thing, it seems. From Barbie to Blythe and Mario to Nemo, it’s the bones’ time to shine!

Let’s Flay Barbie

(images via: BitRebels and Tumblr/Jason Freeny)

Jason Freeny likes to really get into his work, which is all well and good unless you’re Jack the Ripper. Thankfully for all concerned, Freeny focuses his appreciable talents on inanimate models like Barbie. I think we all agree Mattel’s wunderkind could use a little cutting down to size and Freeny is just the guy to do the cutting.

(image via: Bit Rebels)

You’ll see more of Freeny’s eye-opening (literally) work further in this post but for the moment let’s all gaze upon Barbie, stripped to the bone and beyond. Is it weird to note Barbie’s nipples are on the inside? Yep, it’s definitely weird, just forget I ever mentioned it.

Hello Kidney

(images via: High Snobiety and The Reed Space)

How cute is Hello Kitty? Even her internal organs have faces and wear hairbows! And they’re on display to all and sundry thanks to Dr. Romanelli, designer of the Hello Kitty Anatomical series.

(image via: Dr. Romanelli)

Released in late 2009, the two-item set features a modernistic “Blue” figurine plus an antique-style “Vintage” version whose finish resembles aged ivory… like something you’d find in a medieval anatomist’s studio. Of course, possessing such a thing in the 15th century would likely get one burned at the stake for witchcraft and heresy.

My Little Bony

(images via: Pixelkitties, Under The Influence and Facebook/Jason Freeny)

Jason Freeny sculpted a peck of bony ponies. A peck of bony ponies Jason Freeny sculpted. Got it? Good. Now if Jason Freeny sculpted a peck of bony ponies, where’s the peck of bony ponies Jason Freeny sculpted? On eBay, most likely, though bidding is usually spirited!

(image via: Facebook/Jason Freeny)

Freeny’s inside look at My Little Pony is enough to chill any well-meaning brony to the, er, bone. Will this lead to a new, deeper and more disturbed subculture of emo-bronyism? One can only hope not.