Stonefaced: 7 Amazing Anthropomorphic Cliff Profiles

Moher Of God!

(images via: The Daily Edge and Rockfeller)

Ireland’s spectacular 120m (390ft) high Cliffs of Moher have been observed and photographed thousands of times from about every possible angle but nobody’s reported any faces on the windswept rocks… until now. American tourist Sandra Clifford, 42, apparently accessed an intriguing new angle (from above, via airplane) that revealed what appears to be the face of a bearded man from biblical times. Hmm, I wonder who it could be?

Rock Talk

(images via: Lancia Trendvisions)

“Nature sometimes becomes an artist”, states Japanese photographer Kozo Yano, “and I am sure that it wants to tell us what it’s thinking.” Either that or it’s content to hold that secret for just a moment, geologically speaking, and reveal it long after humankind have left the proverbial building.

(image via: Lancia Trendvisions)

Kozo has journeyed from the coast of Brittany to the beaches of California in an effort to find nature’s sedimentary spokes-persons and capture them for the world to admire. In doing so, Kozo reverses the roles of Artist and Model by letting “air, soil and light speak for themselves.”

(images via: Lancia Trendvisions and Cornel1801)

“You see what’s you want to see,” stated the Rock Man from the late Harry Nilsson’s 1971 TV movie The Point, and looking at Kozo Yano’s photo of an anthropomorphic rock, I see the Rock Man. Maybe that’s the point.