Stonefaced: 7 Amazing Anthropomorphic Cliff Profiles

Eagle Cap Chieftain

(image via: WSU)

Photographer Ted Werth thought he was capturing a scenic shot of Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness Area but something else developed along with his film: the head of a proud Indian chief seemingly in mid war whoop! Shadowing and the lay of the land combine to impart a great degree of emotion to the perceived head at the summit, who appears to either crying out or wearing warpaint… or both.

Hodge Close Quarry Skull

(images via: Tiscali, Untapped Cities and 5th World)

Deep in England’s scenic Lake District lies Hodge Close Quarry, a cavern-pocked slate pit flooded with water over 35m (115ft) deep. The water’s surface level varies depending on the weather but when conditions are just right and the water is mirror-smooth, an eerie skull-like apparition forms before onlookers’ eyes.

(image via: MU-43/Al.)

Here’s an image of “The Beast” tilted 90 degrees to the right, or what you’d see if you were at the quarry and tilted your head 90 degrees to the left. Kudos to MU-43 forum participant “Al.” who snapped the image above… and managed to escape with his camera (and life) intact.

Roswell Calling Card

(image via: Outdoors New Mexico)

The Long House at the Bandelier National Monument in north-central New Mexico features a towering cliff face of volcanic tuff deposited over a million years ago. The eerie alien face peering out from the rock wall is somewhat younger, though let’s not annoy it by discussing its age.