Serene & Peaceful Zen Cat Quietly Rocks The Sidewalk

Seeing The Inner Light

(image via: Tukioyobu)

During the short space of time our intrepid photographer spent snapping away with a presumed smartphone camera, the cat barely batted an eye or eyes – it did occasionally close both blinkers and in doing so, retreated even further into its own incredibly peaceful inner sanctum. The photographer mentions that the nearby presence of several “big dogs” didn’t faze the cat the slightest bit. Do dogs only respond to fleeing and fearful cats or did this cat in particular exude an invisible aura of calmness only other animals could sense?

Watching The Road Less Traveled

(image via: Tukioyobu)

The cat has no name (that we know of) and his or her owner seems to disdain the limelight – the latter’s existence can only be surmised at by virtue of the colorful leash trailing out of the image frames.

I Could Stay Here Fur Ever

(image via: Tukioyobu)

It matters not; the star of this show is the cat though it seems to be completely oblivious to the fact. We are left to make assumptions on the who, what, where, why and how of the Buddha-like pet’s presence or even better: simply enjoy it as is with no explanations needed.