Serene & Peaceful Zen Cat Quietly Rocks The Sidewalk

Serenely silent amid the city’s hustle & bustle, a stout and stoic cat contently enjoys the warm comfort of a snug-fitting coat while the rat race rushes by.

Bright Lights Small Kitty

(image via: Tukioyobu)
An amateur photographer from Japan was walking down a downtown street one day when she happened to come across a decidedly unusual cat. Resting quietly (an understatement to be sure) near the roadside edge of an attractively textured concrete sidewalk, the cat was not only deeply immersed within its own discrete world, it appeared for all intents and purposes to be the center of the metaphysical universe.

Coat Of Silence

(image via: Tukioyobu)
Stoutly built but apparently small, the cat was dressed in a snug & cozy, form-fitting and fashionable, insulated golden yellow jacket that would have the IKEA Monkey drooling with envy. Complemented by a matching collar and leash (yes, a leash) combo decorated with various beads, a bell and a gleaming silver key, the cat resembled one of those Maneki-neko figurines often seen in Japanese and Chinese retail stores… without the constant waving, mind you.