Thrilling Dips: World’s 12 Coolest Places to Swim

Dean’s Blue Hole

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This blue hole in the Bahamas is the world’s deepest at 663 feet deep, making it an incredible location for diving. Swimming in this 250-foot-diameter blue hole feels a bit like hovering over a bottomless abyss. Dean’s Blue Hole is part of a stunning 180-foot property that went up for sale in early 2013 for $24 million.

Zacaton Cenote, Mexico

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The world’s deepest water-filled sinkhole reaches an incredible 1,112 feet into the earth, and is fed by a freshwater thermal spring. Located in Mexico, Zacaton Cenote measures over 328 feet across. It’s accessible for swimming and diving, and features a series of floating grassy islands.

Yangbajain Hot Springs, Tibet

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A balmy 70 degrees even in the chill of winter, Tibet’s Yangbajain Hot Springs is fed by natural hot springs and surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of snow-capped mountains. The hot springs are used to generate clean geothermal power for the nation’s capital city of Lhasa.

Sistema Sac Actun, Mexico

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The largest underwater cave system in the world, Mexico’s Sistema Sac Actun is an exotic swimming destination and dive spot for the adventurous. The deeper you go, the more beautiful the surroundings, with lots of dramatic stalactites and stalagmites.

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona

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You definitely can’t simply roll up in your car and take a dip in the beautiful Havasu Falls. One of America’s best swimming holes, Havasu is located near the Native American community of Supai at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. If you can’t handle the hike to get there, you’ll have to rent a helicopter.