Pallet Projects! 15 More Reclaimed Furniture & Decor Ideas

Pallet Projects Main

Save a few discarded wood pallets from the landfill and you could have a new bar, couch, potting shed, swing or even an entire outdoor deck. Here are 15 fun DIY pallet projects that will inspire you to make some reclaimed furniture and decor of your own.


Pallet Projects Swing

Make yourself a comfortable, cozy swing to hang from chains on your porch or inside your house. Instructables has a simple tutorial.

Cubby House

Pallet Projects Cubby House

Get creative and make your kids a fun playhouse, inspired by this idea from Alex Salvador at 1001 Pallets. It’s made from one whole pallet, plus two more dismantled ones, a little bit of additional wood, and some paint.

Rocking Bird

Pallet Projects Rocking Bird

How cute is this twist on the traditional rocking horse? Designer Jocelyn Costis Ebenisterie created this adorable bird-shaped rocker as part of her ‘Creme Anglaise‘ series of kids’ furniture and toys made from pallets.

Dog Bed

Pallet Projects Dog Bed

This cozy dog bed is just one of fifteen inspirational photos of pet beds made from pallets, that you can view over at Renew Purpose.

Outdoor Couch

Pallet Projects Outdoor Couch

Want to make yourself an inexpensive, but attractive and comfy pallet sofa? Check out 15 ideas, including this pretty one dressed with outdoor cushions, at Scrap Hacker.


Pallet Projects Desk

This pallet desk idea is incredibly simple, space-saving, smart and economical. Check out the process at Peculiarmee.

Potting Table

Pallet Projects Potting Table

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a potting table in the garden? Make one yourself quickly and easily with this DIY pallet reuse project from Better Homes and Gardens.

Garden Wall

Pallet Projects Garden Wall

Put two pallets side-by-side like a fence, paint them however you like, and you’ve got a custom garden wall that provides privacy and a way to mount hanging plants in your yard. Get the details at Southern Revivals.

An Entire Office, Including Stairs

Pallet Projects Office Stairs

Why make one little pallet project when you could create an entire office? The Brandbase Pallet Project is a veritable showcase of what pallets can do, with stacked pallets used to make desks and even stairs.

Wall Fixture

Pallet Projects Wall Fixture

One small piece of a pallet becomes a cool wall-hanging light fixture that’s sure to be a conversation piece. Get inspiration from this photo by Atelier dee, and try your hand at making your own.

Outdoor Lounge Deck

Pallet Projects Lounge Deck

Pallets can be used to create entire outdoor decks with very little effort. Your pallet deck can be as simple as a few pallets joined together, or you can disassemble the pallets and lay the boards back down to ensure that they’re all even with no gaps. This photo shows one of the most basic setups that are possible; you can get lots of info at Esprit Cabane.


Pallet Projects Bar

This pallet bar project takes just ten minutes of work!

Garden Shed

Pallet Projects Garden Shed

This gorgeous modern pallet shed may not be achievable for most people, given that it was made by professional architects, but your own can be almost as impressive. Get plans and see lots of photos for simple, inexpensive sheds at the Wood Pallet Shed Project.

Table & Stools

Pallet Projects Table and Stools

Cut pallets into pieces and experiment with the results – you might just come up with something as beautiful as this table and stool set by Jonathan, submitted to 1001 Pallets.

Hanging Bed

Pallet Projects Hanging Bed

Similar to the swing idea, this pallet project repurposes several of the wooden shipping crates into a base for a hanging bed.