Fun Customizable Aqueduct 3D-Printed Modular Mini Planter System

Aqueduct Planting System 1

Expand your indoor garden with an architectural indoor planting system that connects single units to form a latticed hanging network of plants, which pour water from one to the next. Made of 3D-printed plastic components, this planter system can be organized in many different ways, hung in configurations that are only limited by your imagination.

Aqueduct Planting System 2

Made by Egant and offered on the Shapeways website, which is a showcase of 3D-printed products, the Aqueduct Mini Planters come in a 10-pack that includes three double-channel planters and seven single-channel planters. The channels route water from one planter to the next, so you can pour water into the top-most units and let it flow down the entire setup, into potted plants below.
Aqueduct Planting System 3

Individual units are also available, so you can expand your system however you like. You could also purchase more than one set, creating an entire privacy screen, or covering an entire window for a sun shade effect. The planters work best with air plants, succulents or other varieties of plants that don’t require a lot of soil.
Aqueduct Planting System 4

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