Smart Water: 12 Clever Reusable Water Bottle Designs

Reusable Water Bottles Main

Why would you purchase single-use plastic water bottles made from petrochemicals when you could be carrying one of these cool and clever reusable bottles? The latest water bottle designs include ergonomic options for cyclists, built-in filters, compact roll-up containers and

Ergonomic JAM-PROACTIVE for Cyclists

Designer Bottles Jam Proactive

Specially designed with superior ergonomics and aerodynamics for cycling, the JAM-PROACTIVE water bottle has a cap on the bottom for a streamlined form, plus an extra-wide opening for filling and adding ice. Freezable ‘icycle’ ice sticks keep the water cool longer. The angled, flexible spout lets cyclists remain in a natural riding position while drinking water, so they don’t have to throw their heads back to drink, staying focused on the road.

Blu-Bottle Refills Itself From the Air

Designer Bottles Blu 1

Designer Bottles Blu 2

With this reusable water bottle concept, you don’t even have to find a water source to fill it back up – it’ll fill itself from moisture in the air. The Blu-Bottle harnesses the user’s body movement into energy via a manual pump, pressure chambers and valves to power a coolant unit. A sudden release in pressure in this unit results in a temperature drop, generating drinkable condensation. Because of this innovative use of both energy and condensation, the bottle doesn’t need batteries or any high-tech electronic parts, either.


Designer Bottles KOR ONE

The KOR ONE bottle is made from BPA-free plastic in an intuitive shape and one-handed bottle cap that makes it extra easy to open and close on the go.


Designer Bottles Tridration

Another smart water bottle design for cyclists is the Tridration, an aerodynamic system mounted on the aero bars of a bike for use during a triathlon or time trial. The bottle features a pop-up straw that’s easy to access when needed, and the bottle contains two separate chambers that can be filled with sports drinks and/or water. It also offers ‘nutrition packets’, which sound delicious.


Designer Bottles Metamorphose

This add-on filter system for regular plastic bottles would be more ideal if it came with its own reusable, BPA-free vessel so buying individual disposable water bottles isn’t necessary. But it’s an interesting idea. The Metamorphose is a water filter with a roll-down skin that attaches to and covers ordinary plastic water bottles, extending their use up to 10 times so they can be refilled with tap water.

Gobie h2o

Reusable Water Bottle Gobi

Here’s a great bottle with a built-in filter, making access to clean, pure water on the go a much easier proposition. The Gobie bottle by Rusty Allen is BPA free with a 22-ounce capacity and an ergonomic body.

Vapur Foldable Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle Vapur

Sometimes, even the most conscientious of us get caught without a reusable bottle because they’re just too bulky to constantly keep on hand, especially for those who don’t carry purses or bags on a regular basis. The Vapur bottle is flexible so it can be rolled, folded or flattened. That means it’ll compact down to pocket size with ease. It’s also freezable, dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

Aquatina Pocket-Sized Collapsible Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle Aquatina

This pocket-sized water bottle is a similar concept, except it’s made from collapsible plastic. Colorful and small, the Aquatina packs down to just a couple inches when not in use.

Cool Runnings: Twisted Cold Water

Reusable Water Bottles Cool Runnings

A twister-system ‘cooling pin’ located below the bottle cap uses convection to cool water in the bottle in this unusual design by Jaehwa Lee. “Water gets cool when shaken because the cooling-pin located in the center accelerates convection,” says the designer. “As the condenser is grooved like a twister, water is affected by the cooling-pin turning more smoothly.” It’s hard to say how well this futuristic concept would work in the real world, but it’s an intriguing idea.


Reusable Water Bottles Lifesaver

Bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens are no longer a threat thanks to the LIFESAVER bottle, the world’s first all-in-one ultra filtration bottle. Best of all, it filters out these pollutants without chlorine or iodine, so it won’t affect the flavor of the water. A water-activated carbon filter and ultra filtration membranes turn even dirty, muddy water into drinkable water, making it a very valuable item to have in an emergency.

Join the Pipe

Reusable Water Bottles Join the Pipe

The pipe shape of this reusable water bottle may not be very intuitive – but it’s highly symbolic. It was made for, a project that helps distribute water around the globe. The idea is that these water bottles in different pipe shapes can be joined together to create “the world’s longest water pipe.”


Reusable Water Bottle 321

This reusable water bottle design features a plunger mechanism with a carbon block filter that works a bit like a french press for coffee. You simply fill up the bottle with tap water, push down the plunger, and all of the things that make tap water taste bad – chlorine, minerals and other substances – are filtered out.