17 Backyard Beaches, Natural Swimming Pools & More

Asian-Themed Pool in London by Garten Art

Natural Swimming Pools Asian Themed

Garten Art UK creates swimming ponds and natural swimming pools that are truly miniature ecosystems, mimicking the real thing.

Artificial Swimming Lake by BioNova

Natural Swimming Pools BioNova Lake

No lake in your backyard for taking a dip during the hottest days of summer? Creating one means you can butt your house right up against the water, as pictured in this BioNova design – which can typically cause adverse environmental effects when done on a natural lake.

The Swimming Pond Company, UK

Natural Swimming Pools UK Company

These lake-like pools from the Swimming Pond Company are preferable to standard concrete pools any day.

Five Relaxing Oases by Living Pool

Natural Swimming Pools Living 1

Natural Swimming Pools Living 2

Natural Swimming Pools Living 3

Natural Swimming Pools Living 4

Natural Swimming Pools Living 5

Germany’s Living-Pool offers a wide variety of designs that are “as natural as a mountain lake.” In addition to the pond-like creations pictured above, they offer chemical-free pools that don’t look any different from ordinary swimming pools.