17 Backyard Beaches, Natural Swimming Pools & More

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Who wants to swim in a harsh, chlorinated concrete hole when they could be enjoying their own personal backyard oasis filled with lush aquatic plants? Non-chemical swimming pools use freshwater and natural filtration systems, and often include lily pads, waterfalls and even sand beaches. Here are 17 dazzling examples, from modern geometric designs to swimming ponds.

Backyard Beach by Expanding Horizons

Natural Swimming Pools Backyard Beach

Imagine having your own personal beach, without ever worrying about sharks or riptides. A company called Expanding Horizons offers a wide variety of natural swimming pools, including this tropical sea-themed design.

Stunning Ponds by Woodhouse Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Holes Woodhouse

UK-based Woodhouse Natural Swimming Pools will create a custom oasis that’s specifically tailored to your swimming desires. Contrary to popular belief, natural swimming pools usually aren’t much more expensive than regular swimming pools, and the yearly maintenance costs are lower due to the lack of chemicals.

Billabong Rock Pools by Phillip Johnson

Natural Swimming Pools Billabong

Award-winning Australian landscape designer Phillip Johnson creates spectacular backyard getaways that you’d never believe are artificial. The Billabong natural swimming pool is a rock pool with waterfalls and lush tropical greenery, filled with rainwater harvested on-site.

Modern Natural Pool Design by Clear Water Revival

Natural Swimming Pools Modern Clear Water

Clear Water Revival’s natural swimming pool designs come in five different styles in various looks and price points. This one isn’t made to blend into the landscape like many others; it makes a modern design statement with its geometric shape and welcoming wood deck.

Coogee Ocean Pool in Sydney, Australia

natural swimming pools coogee

How cool is this ocean pool? A protected swimming area on the beach near Sydney, Coogee is a calm place to swim, but filled with water from the adjacent sea. Don’t get too comfortable, though – waves do come crashing in!

Tropical Swimming Hole by Clear Water Revival

Natural Swimming Pools Tropical Hole

Another Clearwater Revival design looks like a tidal pool that you might stumble upon while snorkeling in a tropical locale, like the Caribbean.

Backyard Swimming Hole by BioNova

Natural Swimming Pools BioNova Hole

BioNova offers another swimming pool with a sand beach, for a gradual descent into the refreshing water.