Tiny Living Takes Off in New York City with Micro-Apartments

NYC Micro Apartments 1

Living small is the way of the future for densely populated urban centers, and this trend is already leading to a rise in affordable, well-thought-out micro apartments that pack a whole lot of function into as little as 100 square feet. New York City recently held a competition to develop micro-unit dwellings, won by nARCHITECTS’ ‘My Micro NY’ concept, and is now calling for similar proposals.

NYC Micro Apartments 2

‘My Micro NY’ envisions fifty-five mini units for a specific location in Manhattan that would measure between 250 and 370 square feet, costing $940 to $1,800 a month, which is affordable by the city’s standards. These pre-fabricated apartments would have nine- to ten-foot ceilings, giving them a sense of spaciousness, and juliet balconies.

NYC Micro Apartments 3

Integral to each of these apartments is efficient use of space, which includes transforming and multi-purpose furniture, like sofa beds. The concept also emphasizes common space including a rooftop garden, lounges on individual floors, a communal lounge, bike storage, general storage and a cafe.

NYC Micro Apartments 4

Inhabitat reports that NYC’s Department of Housing Preservation and the Citizens Housing Planning Council have requested proposals for two to three more micro-unit developments for several city-owned sites. Intrigued? Check out more ideas for tiny living, including 27 space-saving tricks and techniques for tiny houses, and many mobile, modular tiny house designs.